Our Training Philosophy

We see the fundamentals of success as being:

having the right people – properly organised and motivated –

doing the right things with the aid of the right tools.

Our prime concern at Top Line Management is to ensure that, as a direct result of our inputs, these fundamental criteria for success are met.


Our aim is simple: to cover the fundamentals better that anyone else.  We do not seek to invent – nor do we promote – wacky new topics or approaches which do not contribute to the bottom line.  Our training doesn’t depend on acronyms, mnemonics or jaded jargon – as a general rule, we don’t believe in them.  (Only where they are genuinely useful or commonly used do we introduce and explain them.)  Our training draws significantly on recent, published research, but is always focused on the practical – on what works in practice.


The object of all training is to change behaviour.  At Top Line Management we believe that changing behaviour in adults must start with changing their understanding.  We pride ourselves on our ability to present our material in a simple, logical, highly visual, motivating and memorable way.  We reinforce learning and behaviour-change by the use of exercises and role-playing conducted in a friendly, non-threatening and supportive atmosphere.  Above all, we are concerned to improve the quality of each delegate’s performance, by enabling him/her to know what to do next and how to do it – well.

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